The Modern Platform for
Phone Identity

Prove secures the digital onboarding, servicing, call center and payment services of over 1,000 enterprises and 500 banks including 8 of the top 10 U.S. banks.

Prove’s global solutions and phone intelligence-driven APIs significantly increase the Approve Rates of digital transactions while mitigating fraud with a focus on accuracy, ease and privacy.

Securing 1,000+ global enterprises and 500+ banks including 8 of the top 10 in the US

The Identity Verification & Authentication Leader

20 billion
Transactions in 2019
1000+ Enterprise Customers
Privacy-First, Decentralized
Coverage of 95% of
US Adults
195 Global Markets

4 Reasons Top Companies Choose Prove


Persistent identity verification that covers 90% of US adults and stays updated through phone number ownership and device lifecycle events


Omni-channel, passive authenticators that prove possession over mobile, desktop, call center, and chat


Our Trust Score™ delivers federated trust with real-time analysis of the behavior and velocity of billions of phone number and device authentication events, as well as the most robust coverage of modern fraud vectors such as burner phones, SIM swaps, account ports, SPID and line type changes, recycled and reassigned phone numbers, and synthetic identities


Privacy-first approach to data emphasizes a decentralized data architecture, identity tokenization, consent, and limits on data aggregation

Award-Winning Technology

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